April 9 Message by Congregant Liz Gellis

What do you imagine that rabbinic students learn during their instruction? I asked Cantor Marci
that question for this edition of the Cantor Chronicles.

Since my last entry, the cantor has had classes about modern Israel (always relevant), Purim (of
course), kashrut (because kosher laws are significant everywhere in the Torah), angels in the
Torah (we could use more of those!), great rabbis (a very interesting topic), and pastoral care
(so important for all of us).

Learning about the complex layers of Judaism is a lifelong pursuit that not just rabbis, but many
of us, pursue.

We look forward to celebrating the installation of Cantor Marci as our rabbi during the Shabbat
of November 8-9. Please save those dates for a joyous welcoming to the future Rabbi Marci.

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