New Ideas, Skills, and Opportunities

by Congregant Liz Gellis

How many of us have embarked on studying for a second career…packed with new
ideas, deepening knowledge of familiar subjects, and working full time?

It’s wonderful to see JCV and board members support Cantor Marci on the road to
rabbinic ordination. I asked the Cantor to share some of what she has learned since she
began the program.

Cantor Marci feels very encouraged by her program and appreciates where she is now
compared to when she began her career 22 years ago at the JCV. These are some of
the topics that have been covered: circumcision, Jewish interfaith weddings, divorce,
and blessings of the animals. Rabbis learn that changing times bring a change in
attitudes, which rabbis must address. The Luach, a detailed calendar, and other
rabbinic resources, become very useful guides for new and even experienced rabbis.
Cantor Marci told me, “The new topics introduced ignite the learner inside.” The favorite
part of her class is listening to everyone’s sermons and experiencing the many ways in
which people interpret the Torah as well as how they present their sermon.

This Thanksgiving, Cantor Marci is grateful for the support of JCV members as she
studies for the rabbinate and leads us as our spiritual leader. We are blessed with
Cantor Marci who truly knows and cares about us.

See you all at the December 8 services for a Chanukah celebration! We are all looking
for miracles.

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